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2020 Calendar

 Events Calendar -

Update 6-26-20  - We have been trying to be patient but it is clear. MAHA primarily uses public parks to host events. This being the case, the regulation set forth from the parks departments are making it impractical to host events as an organization. The park regulations and restrictions are not conducive for this volunteer organization to work with. That being said... The 2020 MAHA board has voted to try for 25th Anniversary 2.0. We will try this again next year. This decision includes the following.

1. We are canceling the remainder of the 2020 schedule for scheduled events except possibly trying to do a Christmas party. We shall see what is the reality at that point.

2. All current paid MAHA memberships for 2020 will be good in 2021 for the whole year.

3. We will likely be getting together at some points for the remainder of the year in a less formal manner. We may even do a ride a two. This would likely not have a theme/game base since that goes back to the registered date aspect of things.  We may just plan to meet and ride.

As for the rest of the logistics of 2020 and how 2021 rolls out, we will just have to wait and see what happens.  This was a difficult decision to make it all about the health and safety of all concerned.

Thank you for your patience and continued membership to MAHA.

Your 2020 President

Elizabeth Humphries

If anyone has any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact me at

Update 6-10- 2020 has not been the year anyone planned for.  We are currently in work and figuring out if we can do anything via MAHA. Please tuned for updates.  The one thing that people can do is go to spend time with your horses. Go-Ride! The parks are open to ride just not to gather.

MAHA has many events throughout the year. We are a fun family that is striving to bring a family-friendly atmosphere to the horse lover group. We do our best to look after your safety and create a great atmosphere to come and enjoy your horse or just hang-out with friends.  Come join the MAHA family.



MAHA events are all about fun and fellowship. It is a lot cheaper if your actually a member. We also feel it's important to recognize our members volunteers too.

Most of our events are FREE to members.

About MAHA

Welcome! Maryland Arabian Horse Association (MAHA) open to all breeds and is dedicated to promoting the Arabian horse at the grassroots level. We are affiliated with The Arabian Horse Association (AHA).