5-6-20 MAHA update

Hello MAHA,

I’m sure you all are following the updates as to the re-opening of our state and of course specifically to state parks. The ride just around the corner is the Mothers day ride scheduled for May 19th. We may be opening in some areas for recreational activities HOWEVER that does not included group activities. Per the Maryland Park Service at least not until after May 29th.

read for yourself

As the rest the of the 2020 Schedule. The next scheduled event is a Parade. Well we shall see. I will be contacting the coordinator for this parade when it gets a little closer especially if the state guidelines appear to be going that direction.

In any case, It’s starting to look like our first structured get together may be a Crab Feast. Now friends this one may have to become a little bit fluid. I have a feeling that we will have to move the event to a ‘not public park’ type venue. This remains to be seen.

On a positive note, out 2020 insurance is getting cheaper and cheaper as we go.

In the mean, if the state allows some soon for informal groups to get together keeping social distancing of course, we really should do so. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to leave ideas in the comments.

Note all ideas and suggestions will be shared not so much with negativity or spam of course.

Here is to getting some positive out of all the not so much. I hope to hear and see you all soon.

MAHA President,

Elizabeth Humphries

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