Who is MAHA

Welcome! Maryland Arabian Horse Association (MAHA)  is dedicated to promoting  the Arabian horse at the grassroots level. We are affiliated with Arabian Horse Association (AHA) and part of Region 15 of AHA. MAHA encourages owners of ALL BREEDS of horses to join and participate in MAHA events. MAHA is not just for Arab owners, it's about family and enjoying our horses together.

I don't own an Arabian Horse

Many of our members and Board of Directors don't own an Arabian Horse. It fine. We do like to encourage those that do to join with us but we are really more about the horse community as a whole.  Maybe you don't even have a horse. That is fine too. We are a family.

2020 MAHA board framed

Next Steps...

Come out and enjoy one of the events. There are always people at registration and food that would love to answer any questions or chat with. Come join the family.