Below are some possible hats that YOU can purchase your self and bring to build your Hel-Hat.  We do encourage you to do this.

  • If sizes are offered, get the biggest size available. The brim left for shade the better. Some of these options have multiple color options as well.
  • Just make sure you get it in time so you have it for the workshop.
  • If you plan to shop other than amazon, make sure that the hat falls under this criteria.
    • If straw, make sure is a tight weave. Large weave patterns unravel easily and difficult to work with.
    • If felt, make sure it’s one layer felt, not a stacked-layer with a stabilizer. Again, hard to work with.
    • Be sure the brim is at least 4″. You will end up using about 1″ of brim material to make the attachment to the helmet part under your hatband. If you want a narrow brim that’s fine. We warned you.

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