Membership does have its priviliges.

Membership benefits
  • Officially part of the MAHA family
  • Most of the events we do are FREE to members.
  • You are kept in the loop of events coming up via email.
  • Qualify for different programs for members only.
  • You will be eligible to vote on any MAHA level business matters.
  • Your support helps keep the club able to put on the event that the members enjoy.
  • You are qualified to participate in any MAHA board function. All MAHA members are welcome to take part in any board MAHA board meetings.
  • You will be eligible to participate in the MAHA members ONLY Facebook group.

Membership on the AHA level

MAHA operates independently from AHA and Region 15 however MAHA is still apart of the bigger picture of Arabian horse and the rest the horse industry. By being a member of AHA as well as MAHA, you help enable MAHA to maintain a say in the bigger picture of the industry. We send a delegate to the Region 15  delegates meetings and as well as the AHA national convention. We do this in order to be updated on organizational knowledge.  We are currently working to become a strong influencer on behalf of the "Recreational Rider". We are working through the AHA Amateur Committee to bring the  non-competition horse back to the horse industry awareness by sharing the "family horse". Which happens to be the true grassroots of the Arabian breed. We currently have one BOD member  on the Executive Committee for Region 15.

Please consider being an AHA member and showing your affiliation with MAHA.

Next Steps...

Come out and join us at our next event, with or without a horse.