November 11th Veterans Day Parade

Please contact Cindy if you would like to participate. RSVP is mandatory by November 6th.  Contact Cindy   

Cindy will update her list of people that have contacted with any information as the situation gets closer.

Things to know.

You need to be on time if not early to get your rig parked at the school. It is very very busy. If your late, there will probably not be enough spots to park. The parade officials tend to give the allotted spaces past our deadline. We have very limited space. It is best to be able to tie to the back of your trailer since there is no room to the sides.

Make sure you prep your trailer so your horse can stay in it for a while. Its November, we are not usually hot. The horses are better off in their trailers than out will vehicles are still moving around. We don’t unload to closer to time to decorate the horses and tack up. We have to park by 8:00 deadline and we don’t need to get ready till about 9 – 9:30.

You must adhere to our dress code.

Your provide for yourself…

  • Black pants
  • Black shoes/boots
  • Black turtleneck type shirt, can be short sleeve with high collar.
  • We never know what the temp is going to be so be prepared with whatever will keep you warm with a helmet on and likely gloves.

We use the white MAHA polos over the turtleneck. (You may borrow if you don’t have one)

We typically wear the black bling jackets. (You may borrow if you don’t have one.)

You will be issued for the parade time span, a neck scarf, for you and your horse, a saddle pad cover, a helmet cover. Helmets are required.

You may..

You are welcome to decorate  your horse up if you like. Keep it safe and secure please.


There will be NO cantering back to the trailers.  There is a lot of stimulus and there is reason to others preventable issues.

Safety is Important!

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