For those interesting the whole picture, here you go.

Scheduled for July 24 at Richard Dorsey’s house

We gather at 8am for setup, party starts at 10am and we eat at 11am. Follow by the rest the program for day. We hope to be rounding up by @ 3 before the real hear hits however since its not park this time, the time is not critical. We do have fans coming in too.

There is a pavilion with several picnic tables and more tables and chairs being borrowed will be added.

There are two tents to be put up Friday evening. One for food, the other for people who don’t need table to eat on. Bag chairs are handy there.

Food is being catered from Holy Smokes. This catering is at cost of food and materials only. Catering costs quotes have been ridiculous so a group of friends and Humphries family is doing it. Simple. All the paper products are also provided.

Drinks are all bottled product from sales and whatever people take a preference to for themselves. Adult beverages are acceptable. Nice to have a beer with those crab right?

Richards has the reservation on the crabs and will be picking them up that morning.

Jeff Humphries will be DJing and announcing for us throughout the day.

We will have a slide show rolling of the all pictures being gathered on a screen.

There will be special presentations given to two groups, sorry not tell who. You have to come see.

We will be giving the 25th anniversary bag chair to all the active members.

Round it up with homemade custard and cake.