Current Member

You either renewed in 2020 and your membership rolled over to 2021 or you renewed in 2021. Either way, you membership is active and your participation in the 25th Anniversary event is FREE completely. Please consider bringing memory items to share and or pictures to put the the slide show. Click here to send pictures.

Non-Member status

That means you were a member in 2019 but did not renew in early 2020. As most of you know, we rolled over the memberships from 2020 to 2021.  That being said, we are putting together the membership gifts for the 25th Anniversary and would like to include you if you would like.

The gifts are only given to members only. However, we may have a few extras that can be purchased for previous members or extra family members. That will be only limited quantity though.  

Members – All FREE


Per person Entry without Crabs – $10.00

Per person Entry with Crabs – $20.00

Purchase an(extra) chair – $20.00

Of course our members fee is still $30.00 for the household.  Its up to you if you would like to renew your membership or not. We do not know what future  events will be. We do still want to try to do a Christmas party and at  some point, do the Helhat clinic.  Anything else would likely be informal type events. Like planning a non-themed trail ride. Possibly a horse camping weekend at Cedarville. We simply just don’t know what the future holds.

Hopefully your know your membership status. RSVP – 25th Anniversary Crab Feast